Published Work

My first chapbook, All the Shades of Grief, will be published by Nightingale & Sparrow in September 2020. Find out more about All the Shades of Grief here.

In Magazines and Journals

“Sometimes my coping mechanism is a cog of steam. / Sometimes my coping mechanism is a bear trap.”

– ‘Death Is A Bit In Everything I Write, It Is A Bit In Everything’

‘Death Is A Bit In Everything I Write, It Is A Bit In Everything’, in Mookychick

‘Big Mary’, in Kissing Dynamite Poetry

I Became the Wolf’, ‘To Myself at 16’, and ‘Coven/Transfiguration’, in Poetry Birmingham Literary Journal

‘Getting over you, in the rain’, in Royal Rose

‘yellow walls’, in Re-Side

Orbuculum’, in The Cardiff Review

Tesserae’, in semicolon literary journal

Shakespeare in Camden, 2019′, in Nightingale & Sparrow

Wade’, in Eye Flash Poetry Journal

‘Seafoam’, in Wend

Waterloo Teeth’ and ‘Ghazal for a Black Cat’, in Blue Marble Review

When Eden was an Orchard’, in The Hellebore

Soup’, in Lemon Star Mag

‘Terza Rime with a Telescope’, in Lackadaisy

‘easy morning’ and ‘Ghazal for Coffee’, in Eye Flash Poetry’s Coffee pocket poetry anthology

Grief’, in Eye Flash Poetry’s Poetry Book Society-recommended DUST anthology

“When his neck snapped // I hope the blood was hot / as Sumatran rain.”

– ‘Big Mary’

Competitions and Challenges

“My heart went last, / an agate of sap and fury.”

– ‘Daphne’

‘Moon Collector’, winner of the 2019 Hampshire Prize, commended in the 2019 Winchester Poetry Prize

Daphne’, first-place winner of the Young Poets Network Carol Ann Duffy challenge

‘The Branding of Elgiva’, first-place winner of the 2019 Pre-Raphaelite Society Poetry Competition

‘(newborn)’, commended in the first Young Poets Network Bloodaxe Archive challenge

appointment’, commended in the second Young Poets Network Bloodaxe Archive challenge

‘Grief Counselling‘, second-place winner of the Young Poets Network interrogation challenge

lunacy’, commended in the Young Poets Network Moon challenge

Drawing Down the Moon (A Ritual)’, winner of the Poetry Society’s Summer 2019 Members’ Competition

Remains’, commended in the 2018 Winchester Poetry Prize

On the Skagerrak Sea, with child’, commended in the Young Poetry Network Mary Wollstonecraft challenge

Selfless Love Poem’, highly commended in the Bangor Literary Journal 40 Words Competition 2019

‘That Night’, first-place winner of the Young Poets Network found poetry challenge, made using words and phrases from the infamous letter Brock Turner’s father wrote to Judge Aaron Persky

“I want my baby’s breathing to break the bone.”

– ‘(newborn)’
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