antonyms for burial (Fourteen Poems, October 2022)

Poetry Book Society Spring 2023 Pamphlet Choice!

A reader about to taste the zestful phrasing of antonyms for burial should prepare themselves: this is exhilarating writing. – John McCullough

antonyms for burial is hallmarked by a thrilling flair for imagery which reveals and celebrates the truth of intuition. It is a refusal not to wring the last drop of wonder and sensuality from our experience of the world. – Ella Duffy

As shown by Sutton, the most important asset in life is time and I couldn’t put this down, I read it three times through without being able to stop to catch my breath. – Hannah Hodgson

Three Months in Petersfield (Petersfield Museum, October 2022)

A pamphlet of poems and essays from stint as poet-in-residence at Petersfield Museum and Art Gallery, responding to life and works of writers Edward and Helen Thomas, and artist Flora Twort – the book includes many beautifully reproduced Twort pieces. Available from the Petersfield Museum and Art Gallery shop.

In these evocative and inventive poems responding to her time immersed in the treasures of Petersfield Museum, Ellora Sutton demonstrates beautifully how ‘each display cabinet may well be an incubator holding a hundred poems waiting to hatch’. Petersfield’s rich cultural heritage is illuminated. – Sarah Doyle

All the Shades of Grief (Nightingale & Sparrow, September 2020)

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